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Our dedicated facilities arecommitted to serving our customers finished casting requirements with competitively priced product with rapid response and unmatched quality.


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Our customer service and production control team are continuously working with customers to ensure on-time delivery with exceptional lead times. We pride ourselves on continuous communication with our customers while tracking production and shipments. We practice lean manufacturing and track all new sample orders daily. We use the latest MRP software to control schedules, capacity planning and cost. Our multiple shift operations guarantee quick turn around and reduced lead time.


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Atlantic Casting & Engineering has a separate division that specializes in CNC close tolerance machining and other value-added operations. Our customers are provided with the one stop shop experience: We deliver finished casting components including machining, coating and assembly. Working with Atlantic Casting & Engineering will streamline your purchasing process and simplify issue resolution by having one supplier performing all the production stages.


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Atlantic Casting & Engineering utilizes the latest techniques in rapid prototyping to help our customers bring their products to market with speed and dimensions accuracy. We have over 20 years of rapid prototyping experience. We use 3D printing processes including SLA, SLS and Projet, with the goal of rapid response and meeting the demands of our customers. That is why we are a preferred supplier for our clients for customer new product development.


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From the early years to the present, the firm commitment remains to support our markets with highly engineered cast products to meet our customers' highest expectations. Our dedicated engineering team and customer service representatives are always available for our customers. We provide engineering support from the tooling stage and throughout all manufacturing stages so we can guarantee that our product will always be compliant with customer specifications.


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Atlantic Casting & Engineering has known a tremendous growth over the past decade. We have expanded our customer base and are able to supply to customers all around the world.  To accommodate our customers, we work with many international freight providers. We look forward to additional expansion in our customer-base from a global perspective.


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We mainly provide cast parts made with aluminum alloys including A201 - A203 - A205 - A206 - A354 - A356 - 712 - C355 - F357. Atlantic Casting & Engineering has the specialized equipment to provide unsurpassed metal quality. Our proprietary pouring and solidification techniques bring about the highest mechanical properties while filling the thinnest section. We also cast to a stringent chemistry control and ensure high metallurgical integrity and excellent surface finish.



Atlantic Casting & Engineering has recently obtained licensing rights to A205; an aluminum copper alloy with exceptional mechanical properties. With increasing demands for energy efficiency comes a need for lighter and stronger materials. A205 offers advantages over many alloys including high strength to weight ratio, extended fatigue life, improved stress corrosion resistance and cost reduction potential. It has typical Yield Strengths up to 440 Mpa, Tensile Strengths of 500 Mpa and elongation of 3-5%. Atlantic C&E now offers A205 as an option for investment castings as ongoing research continues to improve its castability.

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